Our Heritage

hills family dos colinas

Dos Colinas derives its name from Spanish meaning two hills, originally named by the founder and CEO Austin and his late wife Erika Hills. The grove was named after their two sons, Austin and Justin, as well as the two hills on which the olives are grown.

In 1998, the family fell in love with and purchased an old olive grove that had been planted in the 1890's. The five acre Frantoio olive orchard had been abandoned for many years and was in need of tender care. Cuttings were taken from the original trees in order to replant missing trees and the grove as a whole was nursed back to health.

Today, 3 generations of Hills enjoy the fruits of decades of work together. The Dos Colinas family is led by Justin whose expert cultivation techniques in the wine and cannabis industries have created an olive oil like no other. The family is proud to share a staple of their heritage and offer this incredible, Napa grown, Olive oil to connoisseurs across the globe. 

The Hills vision has remained the same after all these years. Allow people everywhere who have never seen Italy's famous olive groves to experience it all first hand. 

More than just an olive tree grove, Dos Colinas is a shrine to quality, craftsmanship and an experience like no other.